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This is our special package that includes our Organic Shea Infusion and our BOH Bag at a discounted price. And has a fun and empowering sticker pack thrown in for free!

At the heart of Natrice lies our Organic Shea Infusion. It’s an all natural, eco-friendly and vegan product designed to moisturise and nourish all skin and hair types. The creamy formula is a blend of all organic shea butter with jojoba, tea tree, Neem, and extra virgin olive oils. These ingredients moisturise the skin and hair, promote hair growth, and treat acne with their anti-inflammatory benefits. The infusion is packed with vitamins and anti-oxidants, is naturally scented and packaged in a glass jar.

Our beautiful, colourful and unique bags are handmade in Kenya by the women of the Beacon of Hope Foundation. We feel privileged to support this empowering community of women, which equips vulnerable mothers to financially support themselves and their families through making these authentic African print bags.


1 review for The gift

  1. A J.

    Too early to say how effective the butter mix infusion is going but after about a week my skin does feel smoother including my face. Alas, product does not agree with my scalp! The scent also a touch overpowering for me but am getting used to it, which is good!

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