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At the heart of Natrice lies our Organic Shea Infusion. It’s an all natural, eco-friendly and vegan product designed to moisturise and nourish all skin and hair types.

The creamy formula is a blend of all organic shea butter with jojoba, tea tree, Neem, and extra virgin olive oils.  Shea butter and tea tree oil are naturally anti-inflammatory and perfect for treating acne by calming redness and reducing scars. Jojoba and Neem oil promote hair health, eliminate dandruff and encourage the growth of thicker and longer hair. And all of these are topped off with the moisturising and antibacterial power of extra virgin olive oil, which retains hair moisture and protects it against dirt and pollution. These ingredients are melted and whipped together to create a product that is rich and creamy but light and absorbent, and packed with anti-oxidants and vitamins that nurture your hair and skin.

The Organic Shea Infusion is naturally scented and a little goes a long way. With the intention to leave a softer footprint on the world, we’re proud that the infusion is packaged in a glass jar and all of our packaging is 90% recyclable.

Empowering you to feel beautiful in your own skin.



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3 reviews for Organic Shea Infusion – Natural

  1. Shyan Hazel

    I absolutely love this product! It keeps my skin moisturised & I love the smell 😍

  2. Joanne Howell

  3. Joanne Howell

    Yes it’s expensive

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