The Story behind Natrice

Hi, my name is Charnelle, I’m 24 and I like dancing, travelling and scenic views. But most importantly I love my legs, my eyes and by Afro!

The Story

The 25 year old Charnelle has come a long way, and I think we all go on a similar journey to love ourselves – not just externally but from within and where my story starts may be similar to yours – self doubt, lack of confidence and no real appreciate for who I was or what I bring (although I do still struggle with things today, I have grown soooo much in these areas) so where your journey to self discovery begins may it begin with the phrase, one I learnt along the way “may I be empowered to feel beautiful in your own skin”

My story to embracing my body started with my hair. In a freak accident (which I hold to now!) I cut my hair whilst taking about my weave – I know who you ask? That is still what I wonder today. Anyway from that day started a journey on how to look after my hair better and this open up for me the world of organic and natural ingredients and, my favourite – Shea Butter

The learning and making of this product, it joined me on my journey to love the skin (and hair) that I was in. In a world there is such an unattainable standard of beauty I began to learn Imperfect is true beauty. That’s why organic and natural ingredients are integral to what we do. Just like you are ingredients vary form batch-to-batch in colour and just like you they provide a riches to life in the form of nourishes, moisturising and adding healing properties to our body.

No to long ago, I was having a conversation with a friend, who was sharing, some of her insecurities and fears and I was able to speak life into her situation from a perspective of coming through. It amazed me because I saw how much I had grown. How I had become empowered to feel beautiful in my own skin. That me 100% me was 100% enough because I have something to give the world and that imperfect is beautiful

Why not join me?

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